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The sincerest form

29 Nov

I am a versatile model, and I work in many different areas – fashion, print, spokes model, and art modeling. Without question, being an artist’s model is my biggest blessing and my harshest curse.

Very few of the people in my life know that I am an art model, which is a shame, because it is by far my most favorite aspect of my work. I am fascinated by art and artists, and being a live model lets me into the artistic process in a very intimate way. We’ve all had that dream where we’re naked in public. I actually put myself there on purpose. Not only am I naked in public, but every inch of me is being scrutinized… not just by anyone, but by someone trained to see exacting and excruciating detail.

Sadly, movies, TV, and general ignorance have altered public perception about the role and function of artist’s models. I laughed out loud watching an episode of Desperate Housewives where a oiled and tanned male model strode into an art class fully naked without any preamble from the instructor. Anyone who enrolls in a life drawing class expecting to have a “Dear Penthouse Forum” experience will be quite disappointed. Artists and instructors take great care to maintain strict professionalism during the entire process. Just think of me as a potted plant…

Recently, a college art class was asked to paint me while imitating the style of an old master. The instructor is one of my very favorites – Dennis Angel. Here are some pieces from those sessions: